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    I have been teaching in the AH district since 1990.  I started teaching as a first grade teacher for 3 years here at Dayton.  I then moved to a 2nd grade classroom and job shared for many years before starting to work as an academic support teacher here at Dayton for many years. This is my 4th year being the K-3 Explorations teacher at Dayton!!   I received my teaching degree from Bemidji State University.  I have been married for 28 years to my husband, Bruce.  We have 2 children.  Mallorie is 26 years old and Michael is a 12th grader at Elk River High School.  We also have a really cute little dog named Gretzky!  We love hockey!!  I love to run.  I have completed 12th marathons.  Dayton is a great place to be!  I love it here:)
    Digital Day 1                Digital Day 2           Digital Day 3                           Digital Day 4                     Digital Day 5
                                          11:30 KHER              12:30 3MI                                12:30 3DE                          11:30 KHEI       
                                           12:30 3LA                1:30 2ST                                  1:30 2HE                            12:30 PREP
                                           1:30 2RO                 2:30 1AN                                  2:30  1EV                           1:30 2FI
                                           2:30 1WI                                                                                                           1:30 1DI
     Maggie Baron
    K-3 Explorations
    Dayton Elementary
    12000 South Diamond Lake Road
    Dayton, MN 55327