Welcome to our Classroom Website
    My Name is Nicole Dilley. I am a liscenced K-6 teacher with classroom experience in first, second, and fifth grades.
    I love being a teacher, and Dayton Elementary is a wonderful place to work.
    My husband and I have two children in college and highschool.    We enjoy spending as much time as we can at the cabin with our family and friends.  
    My hobbies include being with my pets, working  in the garden, cooking, and going to the movies.
    Thank you for supporting your child's education!  I am excited to work with you and watch your child grow throughout the year.
    Together we can help him/her achieve success.
    Here's to a fantastic first grade year! 
  • 12:00-12:30  RECESS
    12:30-12:55  LUNCH
    Digital Day Schedule:  2:30-3:30 Every Day
    Day 1:  Music & Media  (Mrs. Hueman & Mr. Christopherson)  
    Day 2:  Art (Ms. Chisolm)
    Day 3:  Phy. Ed. & CORE    (Mr. Brown & Ms. Carlson) DON'T FORGET YOUR GYM SHOES!   
    Day 4:  Music & Phy. Ed.   (Mrs. Hueman & Mr. Brown) DON'T FORGET YOUR GYM SHOES!      
    Day 5:  Explorations   (Mrs. Baron) 
    Library books can be checked in to the media center in the morning any day of the week.  
    Your child does not need to wait until our media special day to turn them in. 

    Nicole Dilley
    First Grade
    Dayton Elementary
    12000 South Diamond Lake Road