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    Hello! I have been an educator in Anoka-Hennepin since the fall of 2000.  I earned my undergraduate degree from College of St. Benedict and my masters degree from St. Mary's University. Prior to teaching I worked in the corporate world, first as a corporate tax accountant and then as a manager of a swimming pool company.
    My husband Frank and I live in Champlin where we raised our two children, Kayla and Max. Both kids attended and graduated from schools in Anoka-Hennepin. Frank teaches industrial arts (automotive and electronics) at the high school level.
    I was born and raised on "da range" in northern Minnesota. I love the great outdoors, fishing and spending time up on Lake Vermilion in the summer, snowmobiling in the winter. I love science and look for opportunities to learn something new everyday.
    I teach fourth and fifth grade Inquiry. Inquiry subjects include math, science, and health. I enjoy teaching math and I have a passion for science. Health, an often forgotten subject, is important and fits well into the inquiry block.
    My teaching partner this year is Sue Anderson.She will be teaching the Humanities portion to the students. Make sure to visit her web page for information as well.
    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch his/her growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 
     Cathy Malone
    4/5 Inquiry
    Dayton Elementary
    12000 South Diamond Lake Road
    Dayton, MN   55327 
    5th grade Recess and Lunch     12:30-1:25 daily
                        Specials 5th Grade: 9:30-10:30
                         Day 1:    Phy. Ed / Music                                                  
                         Day 2:    Explorations                  
                         Day 3:    Core / Music                         
                         Day 4:    Media / Phy. Ed.                                    
                         Day 5:    Art