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    This will be my 11th year teaching at Dayton.  Previous to being a classroom teacher, I worked at Adventures Plus (Dayton) for four years.  My transition into the classroom was at the first grade level, where I taught four years with our six and seven year olds.  Since then I have been an Inquiry Teacher (math and science) at the fourth and fifth grade levels.  
    Outside of the classroom, I spend my time with my wife, Andrea, and kids Ellie (9) and Lewis (7). We enjoy gardening, camping, and fishing whenever possible. I enjoy tying my own flies, as in fly fishing, and testing them out on the water!  I would love to hear your stories about outdoor adventures you have experienced, and share some of my own.
    On a final note, thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch his/her growth. Having  open communication will be key to working together to help your child achieve success! 
    Trevor Marshall
  • Digital Day Schedule:     5th Grade
       Day 1:  Gym and Music
       Day 2:  Media 
       Day 3:  Music and Gym
       Day 4:  Art 
       Day 5:  Research
    Lunch:  1:22 pm 
    Recess  1:45pm-2:10pm 
    Mr. Marshall  
    4/5 Inquiry
    Dayton Elementary
    12000 South Diamond Lake Road
    Dayton MN. 55327