Niki Wodash~ District Engagement Coach

    My name is Niki Wodash and this is my third year as a District Engagement Coach at Rum River, University Ave, Franklin, and Madison Elementary. Prior to becoming a coach, I was a classroom teacher at Eisenhower Elementary for 11 years. I am an ENVoY Demonstration teacher certified both in whole group and small group instruction. As a district engagement coach, I provide coaching at the building level with ENVoY implementation and I support the implementation of the building wide plan. I support staff with implementing ENVoY strategies in common spaces; cafeteria, recess, bathrooms, and hallways. I can also provide demonstration lessons.  I have earned my master's degree in Early Childhood and Special Education and I am also certified in Autism Education. I am excited to be the coach at your school!
    ~  Niki Wodash 
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    DD1- Madison
    DD2- Rum River
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    DD4- Franklin
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    Niki Wodash
    Anoka Hennepin District Engagement/ ENVoY Coach
    Rum River, Franklin, University Ave. & Madison Elementary