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    I am very happy to be teaching a fine group of students!  It's going to be an exciting year.  We are launching a new English Language Arts program this year called "Wonders," published by the McGraw-Hill company.  We are already enjoying all the interactive resources that come with this program.  
    We will work hard and learn much this year, but we will also take time to enjoy all the special moments that happen in a second grade classroom.  These kids will only be second graders once and I'm so happy to share this special time with them.  I have worked in education in a variety of different roles, but teaching kids is always a remarkable experience and being back in the classroom is rewarding and energizing.  
    We have two children Ben and Mylin.  We enjoy spending time with both of them and marvel at all the unique experiences they bring in our lives.  At quite an age spread, we have enjoyed each of them for their specialness and talents.  My husband Pete and I enjoy spending time with our kids, attending basketball games, going for walks, traveling, reading, and cooking together.  Our family adopted a new puppy, Zena, born in May.  We brought her into our home in late July.  She is a Tri-color Sheltie and we look forward to many years with her.   I look forward to getting to know all the second grade Fin Friends and their families!
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