Hi!  Thank you for looking at our classroom website!  I am Kori Gasser, a teacher at Oxbow Creek Elementary.  I enjoy working with students throughout the school year and even in the summer!  It is great to teach and learn new strategies from one another.  Thank you for your continued support in your child's education.
  • Digital Day Schedule:
    Day 1:  Art - Mr. Lindgren
    Day 2:  Class Time/Phy. Ed. - Ms. Spehar
    Day 3:  Music - Ms. Lindstrom/
                Media - Mrs. Rota
    Day 4:  Phy. Ed. - Ms. Spehar/
                Music - Ms. Lindstrom
    Day 5:  Research - Mrs. Salmon
    Kori Gasser
    Grade 4- Math/Science/Health
    Oxbow Creek Elementary 
    6505 109th Ave N
    Champlin, MN 55316