Welcome to 1AT!

    My name is Mrs. Atkinson and I am a first grade teacher at Ramsey Elementary School.  I have been teaching at Ramsey for 4 years and have 15 years of teaching experience in the district.  I am excited about all of the important learning we will be doing this year in First Grade.  A typical day in our classroom would include the following instructional components: Morning Meeting, Spelling practice, Word Study activities, Daily Five activities, Guided Reading, Making Meaning, Writing practice, Reading Interventions, Math Interventions, Calendar activities, Math instruction, Guided Math groups, Specials, and much more!!!!!
  • Digital Day Schedule:
       Day 1:  Inquiry
       Day 2:  Art
       Day 3:  Music & Gym
       Day 4:  Media & Music
       Day 5:  Gym
    Angie Atkinson
    First Grade
    Ramsey Elementary
    15000 Nowthen Blvd.