• Welcome to Sand Creek Elementary!

    Mr. Anderson We are a Coon Rapids neighborhood school with a strong, supportive community, dedicated and skilled teachers and staff, and awesome kids.  We are the Sand Creek Stars!  Our mission is to provide meaningful learning opportunities for each student, everyday – and we do that by providing a safe and caring environment in which students can achieve to their highest potentials. We believe that each student is unique and we do our best to tailor instruction and school experiences to meet the specific needs of each student.  As our enrollment continues to rise each year, 796 this year and likely over 800 next year, we added on to our existing building (built in 1965) with a 12,000 square foot addition containing seven more classrooms to help provide the classroom space needed to accommodate seven classrooms of all day every day kindergarteners, as well as a new center base special education program.  If you would like more information about our school, or would like a tour – please call Dolores at 763-506-4300 to make an appointment.

    Mr. Anderson  

  • Mr. Anderson
    Paul Anderson
    Sand Creek Elementary School
    12156 Olive Street NW  Coon Rapids, MN  55448