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    Hello, my name is Jeanne Biggins. This is my 35th year at Wilson School. I graduated from The College of St. Benedict in 1984 and student taught at Wilson. I have been here for my whole career.  It is a great school!  I am excited for another awesome year in Explorations.
    Social Studies/History and Science are two of my favorite subjects to teach. Students love the hands on in science. Their inquiring minds are busy. Science is a discovery activity, a process for producing new knowledge.
    Your child's social studies class incudes studying: U.S. Government, Native American History, US Geography and so much more.  My favorite times in class are when students give their own perspectives as they lead class discussions through debate and conversation.
    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with them and watch their growth. 
                                                                                Mrs. Biggins
    Spring Time Learning:
    Kindergarten:Earthworms, pill and sow bugs (isopods)
                        Vocabulary: habitat, segment, compare and contrast
    Grade 1: Insects: life cycle, egg-larva-pupa-adult
                  Body parts: head, thorax, abdomen, six legs
    Grade 2: Planting brassica, rooting stem cuttings
    Grade 3: Sun, Moon and Stars
    Grade 4: Agricultural Regions of the U.S., states and capitals, state reports
    Grade 5: Revolutionary War, Constitutional Convention Simulation, Three Branches of
                  the Government, Bill of Rights
  • Digital Day Schedule:
       Day 1: 2AS,KMJ,KKL,KDL,KLA,2TC
       Day 2: 3MM,3JW,4KV,5KM,5PT,KDL,2JB
       Day 3:  3MM,3JW,4DH,5SG,KKR,2KD
       Day 4:  3JE,3GT,1TV,4TB,5KM,5CK,KJK,2KD
       Day 5:   3GT,3JW,1AD,KKL,KMJ,5PT,KCK,KJK,2KD
    Jeanne Biggins
    Explorations Teacher
    Wilson Elementary
    1025 Sunny Lane
    Anoka, MN 55303