Speech-Language at Andover High School
    Welcome to my website!  Please feel free to contact your student's speech-language pathologist (SLP) any time if you have questions or concerns.     
    Who is my student's case manager?
    Students who receive only speech and/or language services, and no other special education services, are case managed by their SLPs.  Students who receive services in other areas are typically case managed by another member of the IEP (individualized education plan) team.  
    What does my student work on?
    Students work on their IEP goals, which may be in a number of areas;
    • Students who receive services for articulation typically work on specific speech sounds (e.g. /r/ or /s/).  They work on producing the sounds correctly in different parts of the word (at the beginning and end of words, in blends, etc.) or in different contexts (when reading aloud, in conversation, etc.).  They also work on monitoring their own speech to make sure they are producing the sounds correctly on their own.
    • Students who receive services for fluency typically work on strategies for producing more fluent speech.  They work on identifying situations that are more difficult for them (e.g. phone calls, presentations, exciting situations), and they work on advocating for themselves.
    • Students who receive services for expressive and receptive language work on a variety of skills.  They work on improving their vocabulary, using more complex sentences, reading and listening comprehension, verbal reasoning, etc.  They also work to develop an awareness of communication breakdowns (when they do not understand or they are not understood) and strategies that they can use when they occur.
    • Students with complex communication needs work on developing a successful system for communicating their wants, needs, and opinions, as well as social communication.  These systems may include speaking, as well as alternative and augmentative communication systems, including signs, picture symbols, switches, and augmentative communication devices.
    • The Minnesota Speech-Language-Hearing Association: http://www.msha.net/?page=resources_patients 
    • The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association: http://www.asha.org/public/
    • The Anoka-Hennepin Special Education Website: https://www.ahschools.us/domain/6646
    Fran Loughran Ring,MS/CCC
    Speech and Language Pathologist
    Andover High School
    2115 Andover Blvd
  • Teaching Schedule:
    Scheduled Speech and Language therapy sessions as per request of students, staff and parents.