Welcome to Bordwell's webpage
    Thanks for clicking by, Internet.  My name is Dan Bordwell and I teach in the social studies department.  I also coach debate and student congress.  This is my tenth year teaching.  In addition to those fun duties, I am a PhD student and Graduate Instructor/Assistant at the University of Minnesota. (Here's my CV!)  This year I will only be teaching part time so I can make progress towards becoming a doctor.  Yes, making people call me Dr. Bordwell is one of the main reasons for earning a PhD.  That and lab coats. 

    My professional time is divided between being a PhD student and graduate instructor in social studies curriculum and instruction and being a high school teacher, active in and outside of my classroom. This situation affords me opportunities to learn research and theory and practice it on a daily basis. This praxis continues to raise questions that I aspire to better understand. My research interests center on identity and how identity manifests itself in social studies content, pedagogies, and classrooms (whether that be K-12 or teacher preparation classrooms). My research uses critical lenses to examine how sociopolitical and economic structures affect learning, identity, and citizenship development. This research is conducted through more critical research methodologies, currently Critical Discourse Analysis (e.g. Baxter, 2003; Fairclough, 1992; Gee, 2011), post-colonial (Villenas, 1996), and post-intentional phenomenology (Vagle, 2014).

    Each class has its own GoogleClassroom page where students can access all course materials. Students will enroll in the first week of class and then can login to classroom.google.com to access materials.  If you have any questions, please send me an email.
  • 2017-2018  Teaching Schedule:


     Tri 1

     Tri 2

     Tri 3

    Period 1

    Geography 9

    Geography 9

    Geography 9

    Period 2

    AP Human Geography A

    AP Human Geography B

    Geography 9

    Period 3

    Prep Prep  Prep