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    Maybe FACS (Family and Consumer Science) classes
    should have been titled LifeApps?
    Afterall, the skills taught in FACS classes will be used throughout life.
    Some examples:
    • On a limited budget, how do you make a fun,fantastic and nutritious meal to serve to friends?  
    • How do you design a home to make it your personal retreat?  
    • Can't wait to live on your own?  Well, banking, insurance, buying a car and renting an apartment are some of the pieces that will be part of the "living on your own" package".  

    FACS classes are designed to give you a

    heads-up and advantage in the LifeApps area! 


    With the variety of topics offered through the FACS Department, I am never bored.  I love to learn; always have.  My own educational background includes:

    • Education, Masters, U of M
    • Business Administration, Masters, NDSU
    • Home Economics, Bachelor of Science, NDSU  
    • Career Tech Education Licensure:  Work Based Learning

    This past year, some students taking FACS classes coined the phrase, "FACS is FUN".  And it is.  Not only that, it is practical and a good investment of time to help make informed decisions in one's present and future life.  The teachers in the FACS Department look forward sharing these skills.

    Judi Orluck
    Family and Consumer Sciences
    Blaine High School
    12555 University Ave. NE
    Blaine, MN  55434