•          I am currently the instructor for all four of the Construction Careers courses including Carpentry, Building Trades, Finishing, Landscape Design and Construction taught at STEP, as well as, Fish and Wildlife: Ecology/Zoology.

             Students have the option of taking  any of the construction careers courses in any sequence over a two year period. There is the possibility of obtaining articulated college credit upon successful of completion of written evaluations.  I like working with both my hands and my head. That is how my classes are structured.  I also work for a general contractor which allows me to bring new processes, materials and practices into my classroom.

            Fish and Wildlife: Ecology/Zoology is a combined course similar to courses with the same name taught at each high school. FFA Career Development Events (CDE's) and Envirothon are intra-curricular components of this course.

    Mark Reese
    Construction Careers
    1353 West Highway 10 Anoka, MN  55303
  • Teaching Schedule:
       Tri 1
     Tri 2
     Tri 3
    Construction Careers: Carpentry Construction Careers: Carpentry Construction Careers: Finishing
     Period 3
    STEP Plus STEP Plus STEP Plus
     PMConstruction Careers: Landscape Design and Construction Construction Careers: Bldg. Trades Construction Careers: Landscape Design and Construction