Ceramics and Art 

    A note from Coach J. 

    This is my 14th year at AMSA, this is my 10 year teaching ceramics as the School for the Arts!
    I was fortunate to be on the original team of designers for arts school, the visual arts curriculum and designing the ceramics lab at both campuses.
    I was in the back seat of the car, a 1970 Ford Galaxy 500- red, headed for Detroit Lakes to drop my big brother off at hockey camp. I was 4 or 5 and I did my first drawing that I can remember, I drew Snoopy! I can't remember ever coloring in a color book. Too many lines! 
    From there I had every art class at Blaine High School
    I attended The College of Associate Arts in St. Paul, earned my B.F.A. in art and illustration.
    At Concordia University in St. Paul I earned my BA in education and later my MAed in Educational Leadership.
    I learned the how to's of ceramics in high from Steve Nelson, when setting up the ceramics lab at AMSA, I looked to BHS and modeled our lab from their successes!
    When not at school I love to go the the Island for fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking and throwing the tennis ball of the dock for my sweet black lab Gracie!
  • Jackie L. Johnson
    "Coach J"
    Ceramics and Art
    Fred Moore Campus
  • Teaching Schedule:
     Day 1
      Day 2
     Period 1
    Ceramics/Sculpture I Ceramics/Sculpture I 
     Period 2
    Materials Management Technology Coordination 
     Period 3
    Ceramics/Sculpture I Ceramics/Sculpture I & II 
     Period 4
     Technology CoordinationSupervised Student Study 
     Period 5
    Ceramics/Sculpture II  Ceramics/Sculpture II 
     Period 6
    Ceramics/Sculpture II  Ceramics/Sculpture II 
     Period 7
    AMSA Art Lab AMSA Art Lab