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    English Language Arts (ELA) means that the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening are blended together into one class.  This is a 90 minute block so we have enough time to focus on the multitude of concepts that need to be learned throughout the year. 
    Students are expected to read independently throughout the year.  Each student is required to set their own trimester goal.  When they finish a book, they will have a short conference with me to discuss the story's elements.
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    Barbara O'Gorman
    English Language Arts 6
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts- Washington Campus
    2171 6th Avenue, Anoka, MN 55303
  • Teaching Schedule:
      ELA Interventions ELA Interventions
     Period 1 CT Time CT Time
     Period 2 ELA 2 ELA 2
     Period 3 Duty/Prep Duty/Prep
     Period 4/5  ELA Block 4/5 ELA Block 4/5
    Lunch 11:41-12:06 11:41-12:06
    Period 6/7  ELA Block 6/7 ELA Block 6/7