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    This website provides you with general information about my class schedule and contact information; however, for more extensive information about homework, major assessments, and due dates, please go directly to our Google Classroom.  
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    Aimee Blansette
    7th Grade U.S. Studies
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
     Google Classroom Codes:
    Period 1: dpo9iv6
    Period 3: t4jgy8f
    Period 4:  8fo89u
    Period 6: 8b612i
    Period 7: zkqmgl
  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1  U.S. Studies 7 U.S. Studies 7
     Period 2  Study Hall  
     Period 3 U.S. Studies 7 U.S. Studies 7
     Period 4 U.S. Studies 7  U.S. Studies 7 
     Period 5    
     Period 6 U.S. Studies 7   U.S. Studies 7
     Period 7 U.S. Studies 7 U.S. Studies 7