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    2018 - 2019 Syllabus

    Anoka Middle School For the Arts

    6th Grade Social Studies – Minnesota Studies


    Course Description:

    • Students study Minnesota history and its government, placing the state and its people

    within the context of the national story.

    • They engage in historical inquiry and study events, issues and individuals significant to

    Minnesota history, beginning with the early indigenous people of the upper Mississippi

    River region to the present day.

    • They examine the relationship between levels of government, and how the concept of

    sovereignty affects the exercise of treaty rights.

    • They analyze how the state’s physical features and location of resources affected

    settlement patterns and the growth of cities.

    • Drawing on their knowledge of economics, students analyze the influence of a market-

    based economy at the local and national levels.

    • They learn about the unique role Minnesota played, and continues to play, in regional,

    national and global politics.

    • Current Events



    Northern Lights published by the Minnesota Historical Society


    Materials needed daily:

    One 2 pocket folder                                                            Planner (provided by the school)

    Pencils, pencils, pencils                                                             Independent reading book


    Cell phones: Cell phones are not allowed in my classroom. They are to be left in the lockers. If a cell phone is seen or heard, a warning will be given. Any additional violations will result in communication with a parent and then a referral to the assistant principal.



    Grades will be determined by work done on assignments, projects, unit tests and the district common summative assessment. The grading scale is:

                “A”            90 – 100%                                                           

                “B”            80 – 89.9%                                    Course Work (assignments) - 20% of total grade

                “C”            79 – 79.9%                                    Tests and major projects       - 70% of total grade

                “D”            60 – 69.9%                                    End of trimester test             - 10% of total grade

                “F”            Below 60%

    Formative assessments (“quizzes”) will be entered into the grade book as a “test” BUT will change to “not for grade” once the unit test is scored. This allows students and parents to have a continuous understanding of their child’s progress. Students will want to save these formative assessments to study for the unit test.


    Marypaul Foreman     (marypaul.foreman@ahschools.us)                 763-506-4689


    Marypaul Foreman
    6th grade - Social Studies/Minnesota Studies
    Anoka Middle School for the Arts
    Washington Campus

  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1   Day 2
     Period 1 MN Studies MN Studies
     Period 2 Prep Prep
     Period 3 PLC/Prep PLC/Prep
     Period 4 MN Studies/Lunch B MN Studies/Lunch B
     Period 5 MN Studies MN Studies
     Period 6 MN Studies MN Studies
    Period 7  MN Studies  MN Studies