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    My name is Jennifer Mallet and this is my third year teaching Inquiry to kindergarten through third grade students at Rum River Elementary.  Prior to this job position, I taught at Andover Elementary as a fifth grade teacher for 8 years, at Hoover Elementary as a fifth grade teacher for 2 years, and at Isanti Middle School as a fifth/sixth grade teacher for 2 years.  I received my teaching degree from St. Cloud State University with a minor in Early Childhood Studies.  I have endorsements to teach preschool and kindergarten.  A few years ago I continued my education by receiving my master's degree from St. Mary's College.  I have enjoyed each teaching position and feel lucky to be at Rum River.  I am surrounded by many talented and dedicated teachers. I value learning and hope that within the classroom walls I model as well as inspire students to learn new things. 
    Outside of teaching, I am a mom to three pretty spectacular kids.  Jake is a freshman at Andover High School.  Joey is a sixth grader at Oak View Middle School.  Julia is in second grade here at Rum River.  My husband is a computer programmer and between his commute and the kids activities, our days fly by.  Our family enjoys traveling, playing board games, cheering each other on in the different sporting activities and eating our way through the State Fair every year.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about your child's time in Inquiry.  I am a part time teacher.  I check email and voicemail daily and will do my best to return messages within a day.  I am excited to work with your child for the one hour a week that they come to Inquiry.  Together we can help your child achieve success!!!

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    Jennifer Mallet
    Inquiry Teacher K-3
    Rum River Elementary
    16950 Verdin St. NW
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