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    Mr. Martino (Hoover and Eisenhower)

  • Meet Mr. Martino
    I have been teaching music for 26 years serving a great number of them in ISD #11 at Hoover Elementary. My travel sites have included  assignments at Andover, Franklin, Hamilton, Madison, Monroe, Oxbow Creek, Rum River, Sorteberg, Wilson, University Ave and currently Eisenhower.  I have also worked as the Program Manager in the Graduate Music Department at The University of St. Thomas for a number of years.

    Vocal music is my area of certification, and I hold a bachelor's and master's degree as well as several complete instructional certifications in specific music teaching approaches called Orff and Kodály.

    Traveling is one of my hobbies, and I have been blessed to visit France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic, and China. I am hoping one day to make it to South America and Africa.

    Skiing of any sort - water or snow - is also a great love. It is especially nice on the St. Croix River or on the slopes of Colorado.


    I pray daily that I may be an effective teacher in not just helping students love music (since they already do), but in helping them to love being real musicians. True music educators instill the love of independent skills and abilities in using all the elements of the musical art form for a life of enriched personal expression. It is the ability to provide an authentically aesthetic student-centered approach to instruction (not just rote recitation) that stirs my heart for this work. The added, research-proven, advanced in cognitive potential for all learning areas provided by becoming a real musician is a great perk.

    I hope to be blessed enough to continue in this endeavor for many more years to come.