•   Hello,

       I simply adore all art. I admire it as a reflection of the human spirit. I am here to be a partner in your child’s learning. I also enjoy that your child gets to make something beautiful to take home. I believe in my students.  The art room is a safe place to experiment and a place to be themselves.  
       My favorite color is purple. I can usually draw a persons face faster than I can remember their name.   I am always looking for any help in the art room. Follow me on Instagram to see pictures of the creations made @2TristaArtist. 


    A few things I always need:

    Gallon ice-cream buckets, washed, with lid
    Margarine containers
    Any other donations will be greatly appreciated
    Thank you,
    T. Gallagher
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    Thank you for supporting your student's education! I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth. Together we can help your child achieve success! 

  • Teaching Schedule:
      Day 1
    Day 2
    Day 3
     Day 4
     Day 5
    9:30-10:30    4RB  4JP 4MB   4SW
    10:30-11:30     5LT 5JW  5HL
    11:30-12:30 3SG  3RS 3CC   3RM 3KD
    12:30-1:30 1AK 1RS 1SJ 1MG Travel to CBPA
    1:30-2:30 KMN-2:00 KLS/KLB     2Li 
    2:30-3:30 2ME 2SV   2AK 2AN 1Yo