• Physical and Other Health Disabilities Teacher

    The Role of a Physical/Health Disabilities teacher
    The Physical/Health Disabilities (P/HD) teacher is licensed to serve students age birth to 21, and is involved with educational interventions or evaluation for students who have a physical or medical diagnosis or have experienced traumatic brain injury.  By law, a teacher licensed in P/HD must participate on student evaluations when considering the category of Physical Impairment (PI).  Participation on evaluations of students who have experienced traumatic brain injury or have significant health diagnoses is recommended for initial evaluations, but not required by law.
    As a member of an evaluation or IEP team, a P/HD teacher addresses educational needs that support student's full access and participation in activities similar to their classmates.  The P/HD teacher is available for consultation to support students in acquiring independent work strategies for the educational setting and transition areas.
    Supports for students with special needs may include:
    • Environmental Changes
    • Assistive Technology
    • Modified grading system
    • Support for transitions
    • Organizational tool
    • Behavior Intervention plan
    • Modified assignments/tests
    • Alternate response methods
    • Instructional review/re-teaching
    • Memory aids
    Information on these and other strategies can be found on the Minnesota Low Incidence Projects Website