• Useful Information

    Lunch:  12:30 to 12:55p.m. 
    Recess:  2:10 to 2:40 p.m. 
     Main Office Phone:  763-506-4500
    Absentee Line:  763-506-4506
  • STEM Integration Focus

    Five Senses
    Materials in Our World
    Things in the Sky
    Living and Nonliving
    Animals & Plants
    Birds & Planes 
    In Kindergarten we encourage our learners to use their five senses to discover the world around them. They have a wide variety of aerospace and integrated children's engineering experiences throughout the school year both in the classroom and out of the building. As our observation experts, they explore what is up in the sky both living (Birds) and non-living (Planes). They work in collaborative groups to complete thematic engineering challenges throughout the year, often time supported by their third-grade buddy classrooms. Coding is introduced.