• Educational Audiologist

    The Audiology Department at Anoka-Hennepin is a related services program that is closely linked to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) programs. An audiologist is a clinical professional who diagnoses hearing loss and hearing related disorders, and provides clinical consultation. In the educational setting, an audiologist’s job is to fit assistive listening devices for hearing loss and to help students and staff learn how to use and maintain the devices properly. Students who receive services from a DHH teacher also receive indirect audiology services through the IEP or IFSP.

    The Audiology Department utilizes an indirect, consultative service delivery model. This may include significant face-to-face student contact, specifically if it pertains to fitting of amplification devices. Students age birth to 21 and that qualify under state criteria for DHH are eligible for Audiology Services.

    The consultative service includes in servicing staff and family members regarding the implications of hearing loss and facilitating them in the use of personal hearing aids or school owned FM amplification systems. The Educational Audiologist will consult with the hearing healthcare professionals in the clinical community and serve as a liaison between these professionals and families to ensure that all of the hearing needs of our students are being met.