• -Welcome to Andover LAUNCH-

  •  Welcome to LAUNCH!  My name is Katelyn Mathews and I am excited to be at Andover Elementary this year!

     LAUNCH (Learners with Autism that have Unique Needs and CHallenges) is a unique program in that it is not a general education classroom serving just 1 grade level.  LAUNCH is a center based special education program that serves students in grades K-5 that have Autism and are working on integrating into their general education classrooms, as appropriate for them. There are 3 elementary schools, including Andover, that have the LAUNCH program, therefore, students come from all over the district when enrolled in the LAUNCH program. 


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  • Katelyn Mathews
    Special Education - LAUNCH
    Andover Elementary School
    14950 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover, MN 55304
    (763) 506-1833