• Welcome to Mr. Huso's Website!

    I am going into my 9th year of teaching and my 8th year of teaching at Roosevelt Middle School. I have three children with my wife Nicole, Graham (7 years old), Harper (5 years old), and Haven (1 year old).

    When I'm not at school I'm spending time with friends and family. I enjoy a host of hobbies that give me little excuse to ever be bored. The last several years I've shared my favorite hobby of tabletop gaming through facilitating Roosevelt's board game club. It's been fantastic getting to provide a space for students to game and interact with one another in a different capacity. With social distancing restrictions in place, we'll sadly have to postpone the club but I'm still eager to find innovative ways to instill fun into the school year!

    We've got a lot of great projects and learning lined up so I'm really looking forward to this school year! 

    -Curtis Huso

    Curtis Huso
    Art Secondary
    Roosevelt Middle School
             650 125th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55434

      Day 1 Day 2
     Advisory Advisory Advisory
     Period 1 Art 8 Art 6
     Period 2  Art 8 Art 6
     Period 3 Art 6 Art 6
     Period 4 Prep Art 6
     Period 5 Art 6 Prep
     Period 6 Prep Prep
     Period 7  Art 6 Art 8