• Trimester One
     Our theme for this trimester is choices.  While we read a variety of nonfiction and fiction texts, we will discover the impact of the choices made by the people and characters within them.  Each unit will also have its own specific learning targets and focus.
    Unit 1:  What's in the Text?
    • I can annotate a text to show understanding.
    • I can summarize a text.
    • I can identify a thesis and central idea. 
    Unit 2:  What's Not in the Text?
    • I can make inferences to understand what I read, using both explicit and implicit evidence.
    • I can use supporting details to make inferences about a story or informative text.
    Unit 3:  What's Beyond the Text?
    • I can evaluate how particular lines, words, and figurative language elements impact text development and meaning.
    • I can identify text structures (description, sequence, problem-solution, compare-contrast) and analyze how the structure impacts meaning.
    • I can analyze how literary elements and supporting details develop and determine the theme of a story.
    • I can reflect on my understanding through writing and design.
    • I can use textual evidence to identify central idea, author's purpose, and theme. 
  • The District Common Assessment for ELA 8, will be given November 13 & 14 in ELA classes.  Students will be given a study guide before the test.  The learning targets for the entire trimester will be assessed.
    Welcome to Regular ELA 8 
    Please use this page to view current units and building assessment requirements.  Use individual teacher's pages for specific assignment requirements.
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