Welcome to Anoka Middle School  
             Physical Education  
    We look forward to a fantastic school year, and are excited to work with your child. Below, you will find our district's middle school mission statement. For individual teacher contact information, select your child's teacher to the right. For other important information, see the other links. 
    Our Mission... 
    is to provide a quality physical education program, introducing students  to a variety of activities throughout the year that will encourage enjoyment of physical activity. We strive to provide students with skills, knowledge and confidence that will enable them to become a lifelong physically active person. A portion of each class is dedicated to personal fitness. We want the students to understand the importance of physical activity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the lifetime benefits of health and wellness through physical fitness assessments. The Presidential Fitness Program and/or the Fitnessgram will be used to evaluate students progress. Physical fitness tests can be assessed on effort, participation and/or improvement. Our goal is to keep students active, engaged and feeling successful while emphasizing cooperation and respect.  
    Thank you for supporting your student's education!