• Dear Wilson Families,

    My name is Jennifer Lawrence and I am the Wilson School Social Worker. This is my 5th year at Wilson and I absolutely love it! I think you have amazing children. Thank you for allowing me the privilege to get to know them and support them. 
    I have been providing counseling and therapeutic services for children and families for over 18 years.  I am passionate about how children work, how to speak their language and how to help a child tap into their best self. Every child and every family has great strengths and seeing these unfold is my favorite part of the job. I love to play, laugh and be silly with the kids while supporting them through difficulties! It is through play that we often discover where children are struggling and what obstacles they are facing. It is also through play that we discover ways to overcome the struggles and discover their greatest strengths! Play is not only a path of discovery for children but also a means of learning, developing social emotional skills and healing.
    I wear a few hats at Wilson. My main focus is on mental health and helping children overcome significant social and emotional barriers to their academic success. I provide consultation and collaborate with teachers around different interventions that support positive mental health in the classroom for individuals or groups. I am also the 504 coordinator and serve on many building teams that assist with social, emotional and behavioral interventions. I am also the homeless lead and can assist families in determining eligibility for McKinney Vento Services, such as transportation to and from school, if you have lost housing, are sharing housing or facing homelessness. I am the lead for our Wilson food shelf and clothing shelf. I also provide counseling and therapeutic services and meet with children individually, in groups and at times I am invited to provide social and emotional curriculum within the classrooms. I can also provide a wide variety of community resources and referrals for families. 
    Parenting and being a guardian is not an easy job. Please know that I respect you as parents and guardians and want to support you in this important and difficult job. I am passionate about combating the effects of adversity and traumatic experiences in the lives of families and children. No family and no child escapes hardship. Life is not a pretty package and we all need help navigating at times. Parents often call me and e-mail me with questions about difficult subjects and topics and looking for resources to support in difficult times. You may need child friendly language on how to talk to your child about sometimes awkward topics. You may need strategies on how to discipline or handle difficult behaviors. Part of my job is to offer support to you in these areas and provide you with resources to help your child become the best version of themselves.
    Please see the below links for helpful resources on different topics:
    Again, thank you for all you are and all you do!
    Jennifer Lawrence, MA, LICSW
    Wilson Elementary School Social Worker
    Jennifer Lawrence, MA, LGSW
    Wilson School Social Worker