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  • Learning Targets


    Recognize and apply text features in a variety of non-fiction texts

    State main idea & identify supporting details in a variety of texts

    Write well organized multi paragraph essays

    Analyze the author’s purpose,message and organizational structure

    Understand and identify themes in literature

    Demonstrate understanding of figurative language in a text

    Analyze how particular elements of a story or drama interact

    Use a format to document outside sources in writings

    Interact with the text by making predictions and drawing inferences to deepen the understanding of the text

    Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in different texts (using connotation and denotation, technical meanings, contextual meanings)

    ·   identify and use effective tone in a presentation

    ·   demonstrate consideration of audience in oral communication

    ·   give an effective, well organized speech using  appropriate enunciation, volume, tempo & eye contact




    What will students be doing on the path to mastering those learning targets?

    Using Scope magazine articles to analyze text structures for non-fiction text

    Taking notes and doing practice activities on sentence types

    Learning new vocabulary from the stories/essays we read in class

    Writing multi paragraph essays to analyze a character, using evidence from a text

    Using STARS and Wildside readings to review critical reading skills

    Research a topic, prepare cornell notes, create an outline and works cited

    Present a speech to the class audience
    Analyze poetry for figurative language examples, theme, author's purpose and sound devices 
    Write poetry using a variety of figurative language and sound poetic images 




    Possible Titles

    Teachers draw from a wide variety of resources- titles that are being used in the building include:

    Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963, Tangerine, A Christmas Carol, Diamond Willow, 42 Miles

    Scholastic Scope Magazine non fiction, drama and poetry