COURSE DESCRIPTION:  You will earn high school credit and the grades will appear on your HS transcript, because this course is the same as the level 1 German course at high school.  The expectations, and rigor, are also the same.   You will learn to communicate about yourself, your friends, your family, and other things in your life, day and world. In this class we will be exploring the German language and culture. This means we will study German-speaking people, their language, and the places they live.


    COURSE OUTCOMES:  At the end of the year you should be able to introduce yourself and other people, talk about yourself, free-time activities, school, family, things you like (or don’t like), places you go and food you eat.  In order to succeed, here’s what you should expect to do in and out of class:


                -Be kind 

                 Support one another. We will all say something incorrectly.  It’s OKAY.

                 -Listen actively in class

                 This is the first, best source of language acquisition.

                -Engage and get involved                                           

                  Using your language, even with errors, is the next best way to get better

                -Take safe risks

                  You are definitely going to make mistakes.  Who cares!  For now, no one who hears you

                  speak or reads your writing will be upset with you for giving it your best shot.


                  Practice alone, online, with friends, your dog, in the car, wherever. Try Quizlet.com,

                  Duolingo.com, Culturegrams, etc.


    GRADING:  You will be graded on production in the language (writing and speaking) as well as receptive skills in the language (listening and reading).  These will be assessed in ACTFL’s interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes.


    You will not be graded on practice (when you’re called on in class, when you talk to someone in the language, classwork or homework).


    What about extra credit?  Grades are a reflection of your learning.  While there is no extra credit available, you can retake or redo just about everything that will be graded with a small number of exceptions – specifically, summative assessments.


    SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS: We do 2 of them, but not until the middle, then end, of the year.