• What is ENVoY?

    ENVoY (Educational Non-Verbal Yardsticks) is a set of non-verbal classroom management skills and strategies that educators use to foster independence, productivity and maximize engagement, while preserving relationships and building rapport between adults and children. 

    How did ENVoY come to Eisenhower?

    In August 2011, Eisenhower began the launch phase of ENVoY training. During the 2013-2014 school year Eisenhower became a certified ENVoY site.

    In October 2014, Eisenhower continued it’s certified ENVoY status and proudly became one of only two schools in the nation to achieve ENVoY Demonstration designation and be named an ENVoY Demonstration Site.

    How did Eisenhower become an ENVoY Demonstration site?

    ENVoY Eisenhower’s Demonstration Site designation was achieved when 100% of our licensed staff and support staff had been trained in ENVoY and over 80% of those two groups became ENVoY certified. Eisenhower Staff completed a rigorous evaluation process to earn ENVoY Demonstration Site Certification.

    • ENVoY Certified Site (80% of teachers certified)
    • ENVoY Certified Paraprofessional Site (80% of paraprofessionals certified)
    • Cadre of ENVoY Demonstration Teachers (20% of the teaching staff are Certified ENVoY Demonstration Teachers)
    • ENVoY Certified Cafeteria Supervisor Team
    • ENVoY Certified Recess Supervisor Team
    • ENVoY Certified Resident Coaches
    • ENVoY Certified Administrator

    Host and Demonstration Teachers

    Currently, Eisenhower has numerous Host Teachers and Demonstration Teachers. Host Teachers are ENVoY certified and are willing to open up their classrooms to observers. ENVoY Demonstration Teachers have earned this status by engaging in an additional rigorous ENVoY Certification process, hosting visitors to their classrooms, participating in advanced trainings and implementing advanced ENVoY skills. All staff members are re-certified in ENVoY annually.

  • Contact info

    Jennifer Mares
    District Certified ENVoY Coach and Certified ENVoY Evaluator
    ENVoY Demonstration Site Coordinator
    Eisenhower Elementary
    151 Northdale Blvd. NW