• Hello!
    This is my fifth year at Morris Bye Elementary. This year I am teaching K-3 Explorations (Science and Social Studies) and K-5 Core (Reading and Math). I grew up in Minnesota and went to undergrad at UW-Madison. I completed my teaching licensure program and my masters at Hamline University.  
    A little about me...  I love to travel and recently went to Portugal on my honeymoon. I am looking forward to visiting my brother and sister-in-law who moved to Australia. I spend my free time coaching basketball and playing board games with my wife. I love to read and also to watch a variety of sports such as ultimate frisbee, soccer, football and basketball. I am excited for the school year and I look forward to starting our science investigations with my students. 
    Mr. Chris Kamrath
    2018-2019 Explorations
    Day 1: KJF, KLH
    Day 2: 2SR
    Day 3: 3JF, 2EW, KSB, KLH, 1MS, 1DW
    Day 4: 1MS,1BP
    Day 5: 2JJ, KSB, KJF, 1DW, 1BP
    2018-2019 CORE
    Day 1: 3KN, 2EW, 4ES, 1MS, 1BP, 5SP 
    Day 2: 4BQ, KLH, 1DW,
    Day 3: No Core Classes
    Day 4: 3JM, 3JF, 2SR, 2JJ,KJF, KSB,5TM
    Day 5: No Core Classes
    Trimester 2: Schedule of Topics for Explorations 
    Grade K Economics, Geography, Plants
    Grade 1 Geography, Economics 
    Grade 2 History, Motion 
    Grade 3 Sound and Light, Structures of Life