• Hello!

    This is my sixth year teaching at Morris Bye Elementary. I am excited to teach Explorations (Science and Social Studies) with grades kindergarten through fifth. I completed my undergraduate degree with a double major in English and Biology at UW-Madison. After teaching English for two years in South Korea, I moved back to Minnesota and got my teaching license and my masters at Hamline University. 


    I like spending my free time with my wife Deidre and coaching basketball at Centennial High School. I love to read, travel and watch sports. 


    Thank you for supporting your child’s education. I am excited to work with your child and watch their growth this school year. 


    Chris Kamrath


    2018-2019 Explorations
    Day 1: KJF, KLH
    Day 2: 2SR
    Day 3: 3JF, 2EW, KSB, KLH, 1MS, 1DW
    Day 4: 1MS,1BP
    Day 5: 2JJ, KSB, KJF, 1DW, 1BP
    2018-2019 CORE
    Day 1: 3KN, 2EW, 4ES, 1MS, 1BP, 5SP 
    Day 2: 4BQ, KLH, 1DW,
    Day 3: No Core Classes
    Day 4: 3JM, 3JF, 2SR, 2JJ,KJF, KSB,5TM
    Day 5: No Core Classes