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    My name is Rachel Stevens and I am currently in my third year teaching K-5 music at Hamilton Elementary. I live in Champlin, MN with my husband and our 6 lb. chihuahua, JoJo. I grew up in Maple Grove. When I'm not teaching music, I enjoy playing the piano, cello, and guitar. I also love to read and volunteer at my church. I am a huge Twins fan and enjoy going to Target field with my dad. In addition to my work as a K-5 music specialist, I teach private music lessons at StudioRoe, which I founded in 2008. I also serve as Children's Director for Bunce Backyard Productions. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with and teach the students at Hamilton. 
    My specific purpose as a music educator is to shape musically literate students and give my fellow learners the tools to express themselves musically. I know not all students naturally gravitate toward music, but everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the intrinsic value of music. 
    Music is an invisible, intangible, shape-shifting, constant, foundation. Music is a communal well of resources to contribute to and take from. Music is holistic. Music is accessible. Music is inherent. Music surpasses language barriers. Music is everywhere, everything. Music is a gift to humanity. Music is a way to show love. Music can instantaneously cause peace. Music is the manifestation of grace and mercy. Music does not judge. Music is a place. -Rachel Roe, 2014
    My philosophy is this: to teach is to learn, and to learn is to teach. Look into the eyes of the students, listen to their voices, and you’ll realize you’ve been the student all along.
    B.A. in Music Performance with a vocal emphasis and Music Education with a K-12 vocal and general music emphasis, Luther College (2014)
    Certified in ENVoY classroom management techniques (2015-16, 2016-17)
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    Rachel Stevens
    Music Specialist - Grades K-5
    Hamilton Elementary School
    A School-Wide Title Building