This site will have WebEx meeting information to be used if we are having connection problems with the Telepresence rooms.

    Click on the link below your class.  This will connect you to a WebEx audio/video conference session.  A short install may need to occur to enable Cisco WebEx tools.  Call Tom Skoglund at 67819 from your classroom phone if you need assistance. 

    WebEx Meetings on Wednesday, Sept. 7th 

    We believe the system is fully functional today.  Only use the link below if the rooms do not connect at the scheduled start of the period. 
    Period 1: Honors Humanities - AHS, AndHS, BHS, CPHS  
    Teacher: Johnson
    Period 2: Hospitality and Tourism - AHS, BHS, CRHS  
    Teacher: Bodenburg
    Period 3: Computer Apps - AHS, AndHS, BHS
    Teacher: Wess
    Period 3: Computer Apps - CPHS, CRHS
    Teacher: Roo
    Period 4: ASL III - AndHS, CRHS
    Teacher: Bahnson
    Period 4: ASL III - AHS, CPHS
    Teacher: Voss
    Period 5: AP German V A/B - AHS, BBHS, CRHS, CPHS
    Teacher: Skakal