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    I am in my second year teaching and first year here in Anoka-Hennepin School District.  I am a traveling Health teacher between Blaine, Anoka and Coon Rapids high school.  Most of my teaching is done at Blaine high school so if you have questions on Learning Targets (LT) Power Points you may have missed or class syllabus I will try and attach a link to send you to my Blaine site.  However if the link does not work, I would simply go to Blaine high school website, scroll down to health department and click on Westin Satzinger.
    Link to Satzinger's class page click HERE 
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    Wes Satzinger
    Health 10
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      Trimester one Trimester two Trimester three
     Period 1  Blaine High School Blaine High School
     Period 2 Anoka High School Blaine High School Blaine High School
     Period 3 
     Period 4 Blaine High School Coon Rapids High School Anoka High School
     Period 5 Blaine High School  Anoka High School