Welcome to Mrs. Lupo's Classroom!

    Hello. My name is Natalie Lupo. This is my 7th year teaching at University Avenue.
    I love teaching kindergarten and watching my students grow. I look forward to a year of learning, exploration, and fun!
    Thank you for supporting your student's education. Together we can help your child achieve success!
  • Peek of the Week

    Stay up to date on what is happening in the classroom, as well as important dates to remember and our latest rocket words!

    Peek of the Week

  • FAQs


    Can I eat lunch with my kindergartener?

    Yes. You must check in to the office and receive a visitors badge before going to the cafeteria. Families are no longer able to use their student's account number for an adult lunch.  The cafeteria requires exact change for lunches. The cost is $3.85 for an adult lunch. Our lunch begins at 12:30 and ends at 12:55.


    Can I send birthday treats with my child?

    Yes. You may send a store bought treat with your child. It is against our school policy to serve home made treats. Please contact me for the current number of students in the class. Avoid sending treats that contain lactose. There are no other food allergies in our classroom at thist time. Individually packaged treats are also appreciated. If you are sending something that requires a plate or silverware, please send that as well. Non-food treats such as pencils, toys, etc. are a great alternative to cupcakes and candy! No sheet cakes or ice cream treats, please. 


    What do I do if I am going to pick my child up from school?

    Please contact the office directly to ensure the change is communicated to me in time for dismissal. This is the most reliable way to change transportation. An email works when sent a day in advance. 


    My child has a summer birthday. Will they be able to celebrate their birthday?

    Yes. We will celebrate summer birthdays as half birthdays.


    Should I let you know if my child is sick or will be absent?

    Yes. It is important to report the absence to the school. You may notify us by calling the attendance line at 763-506-4500, or by sending me an email. 



  • We are a specialty School!


    University Avenue Elementary is a specialty magnet school with a focus on Aerospace, Children's Engineering and Science (ACES). We provide a unique experience for kindergarten students with a wide variety of STEM opportunities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). 

    Our ACES themes include:

    • Observing the world around us using the 5 senses
    • Engineering Challenges
    • Things in the Sky and Space
    • Birds and Planes

    As the school year progresses, check back for updates on what we are working on a great videos of our ACES experiences! 

  • Specials

       Day 1: Art & Phy Ed
       Day 2: Mrs. Darcy and Explorations
       Day 3:  Media & Music
       Day 4: CORE (computer lab) & Phy Ed  
       Day 5:  Explorations and Mrs. Lewis
                       *Please remember to return media books by digital day 3 so that your child can check out a new book! 
    Recess: 2:10-2:40
    Lunch 12:30-12:55
    Families are welcome to join their kindergartener for lunch.
    Please see FAQs for more info on joining our class for lunch!
  • Contact Info 

    Natalie Lupo
    Kindergarten Teacher
    University Avenue Elementary
    9901 University Ave. NE, Blaine, MN 55434