• History of Anoka Children's Theatre

    For over twenty years, the Anoka Children's Theatre has provided theatrical learning opportunities for Anoka-Hennepin Schools' students and has enriched the lives of audiences in the community.

  • March 1990: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    March 1991: Heidi
    March 1992: The Little Mermaid
    March 1993: The Wizard of Oz
    November 1993: Babes in Toyland
    March 1994: Aladdin
    November 1994: The Velveteen Rabbit
    March 1995: Peter Pan and Wendy
    March 1996: The Glass Slipper
    November 1996: Jack and the Magic Beans
    March 1997: Beauty and the Beast
    November 1997: Hansel and Gretel
    March 1998: Charlotte's Web
    November 1998: The Jungle Book
    March 1999: The Pied Piper
    November 1999: Charlie/Chocolate Factory
    March 2000: Snow White
    November 2000: Babes in Toyland
    March 2001: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe
    November 2001: The Nutcracker
    March 2002: Peter Pan and Wendy

    November 2002: The Velveteen Rabbit

    March 2003: Aladdin
  • November 2003: Dreams of a Cobbler's Son
    March 2004: Pippi Longstocking
    November 2004: 12 Dancing Princesses
    March 2005: Stuart Little
    November 2005: The Jungle Book
    March 2006: Annie Jr.
    November 2006: Cinderella
    March 2007: Charlotte's Web
    November 2007: The Nutcracker
    April 2008: The Just So Stories
    December 2008: Best Christmas Pageant Ever
    March 2009: Alice in Wonderland
    December 2009: Babes in Toyland
    March 2010: Snow White
    March 2011: Beauty and the Beast
    March 2012: Willy Wonka, Jr.
    March 2013: The Jungle Book, Jr.
    March 2014: The Little Mermaid
    March 2015: Shrek, The Musical, Jr.
    March 2016: Annie, Jr.

    March 2017: Aladdin, Jr.
    March 2018: Peter Pan, Jr.

    March 2019: The Little Mermaid, Jr.
    February 2021: Shrek, The Musical, Jr.