• Blaine High School Special Education Program
    Our program serves students who have been evaluated and qualified for special education services and currently have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Students who have an IEP will be assigned to a case manager who will meet with them periodically to identify student needs and ensure that the services, accommodations and modifications in their IEP are being provided.  They can also help your family connect to community resources, register for appropriate classes, and plan for life after high school.  Every year you will have an opportunity to meet with your student's case manager and teachers to review their progress and determine their needs.  At that time, your case manager will update their goals, services, accommodations and modifications for the next year.  Input from students and their parents is crucial to this process, so you and your student are strongly encouraged to attend! 
    Every three years, the state of Minnesota requires us to re-evaluate your student to determine if they still qualify for special education services.  You will have a unique opportunity at this time to review your students progress, share your dreams for their future and express your concerns regarding the support they will need to get there.  This is a great time to look ahead and plan what your student will do following high school.
    If your case manager is unavailable or you need further assistance, you can contact the Special Education Department Leader, Lynn Florman, who will be glad to answer any questions you may have.