• Marketing and Management Internship Program (NOCTI EXAM)

    Prerequisite/Selection Process: Marketing [AC] recommended; application and interview required

    Intended Audience: Grade 12 college and career-bound students pursuing marketing and management careers

    Credit: Up to three credits available

    [0.5 credit per trimester for seminar, 0.5 credit per trimester  for work]; students may enroll for up to three trimesters which is preferred by employers/internship sites

    Major Outcomes:

    •   Initiative and self-direction

    •   Critical thinking and problem solving

    •   Communication and collaboration

    •   Financial literacy

    •   Leadership development

    •   Community service

    •   Creativity and innovation

    Projects, Activities, etc.: Take on the role of designer, buyer, advertiser, and sales person as you try to create, order, market, and sell your product. Prepare yourself for a real job interview.  Learn about how to manage your personal finances. Plan your future career and education.

    Instructional Focus: Seminar class, on-the-job training and management of the school store

    Nocti Exam: Click Here
    College Credit:
    Students must meet a 70% benchmark on the final Retail Merchandising Nocti Exam
    Credit Recommendation: In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, 3 semester hours in Retail or Retail Merchandising
    List of Cooperating Colleges: Click Here

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