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Ionization systems being installed to further improve air quality

(10/09/2020) Anoka-Hennepin Schools will have a higher level of air quality protection due to School Board action authorizing ionization system installations at schools and facilities across the district. The systems will further improve air quality through an enhanced purification process. 

The Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization or NPBI system works by safely introducing ions into the airflow, combining with particles in the air such as viruses, bacteria, odors, and other airborne particles, and then eliminating or neutralizing them. Should COVID-19 be present in a school facility, the system will eliminate 99.4% of the virus within 30 minutes (92.6% within 15 minutes and 84.2% within 10 minutes). Furthermore, the systems do not produce harmful byproducts, are ozone certified and save on energy costs. Learn more on how the systems work by watching Global Plasma Solutions’ video.  

These ionization systems in particular, are being utilized in larger community spaces like hospitals, airports and manufacturing areas. 

The installation process begins immediately. By December, all Anoka-Hennepin schools and facilities will have the new ionization systems in place. 

Project cost comes in at $1.44 million, all of which will be funded through the federal CARES Act Emergency Relief dollars provided to school districts across the country.  

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