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Health and safety: clean air and surfaces in the classroom

(08/14/2020) Anoka-Hennepin Schools ventilation systems ensure there is at least 20% outside air in schools/sites at any given time. Every room in each school/site, at a minimum, has its full volume of air exchanged at least seven times per hour. Air systems will be purged daily beginning two hours before occupancy as one more step in ensuring clean, exchanged air for all schools/sites. 

Anoka-Hennepin’s custodial staff uses a hospital-grade disinfectant called QT Plus on a continuous basis to disinfect high-touch surfaces. Classrooms will be provided safety kits with restaurant quality sanitizing solution, microfiber cloths, and hand sanitizer. 


Anoka-Hennepin is committed to keeping surfaces safe and promoting best practices that each individual can take to utilize the most effective strategies for student and staff safety. Schools are currently evaluating each classroom space to verify classroom space to and ability to meet safety guidelines. Answers to a variety of questions are available on the FAQ page at