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Be alert, do not respond to “boss gift card scam” text messages

Alert icon(03/02/2024) A number of district employees have received fraudulent text messages requesting they purchase gift cards. The messages say they originate from a person who says they are Cory McIntyre but these are not legitimate messages and employees or others should not respond. We are alerting all employees as a precaution and for your protection.

Take these steps: Should you get a suspicious text message asking you to purchase gift cards please take the following steps:

  • Look at the phone number of the person who texted you. These messages came from a person who said they were Cory McIntyre at a (302) area code located in the State of Delaware. This is a national scam and not something unique to our organization. 

  • Don’t respond. These messages have a conversational tone but indicate a sense of urgency, possibly including text such as “are you available,” “let me know if you got this text,” and then stating they are heading into a meeting and they need your help. 

  • Don’t send pictures or click on links. The more you interact the more detailed the requests become. You will be asked to purchase gift cards and that you will be reimbursed. This is not true. Do not purchase any gift cards.

  • Take screenshots. Take a screenshot of the interaction to document and assist in any investigation into this matter.

  • Inform us immediately: Send screen shots and your contact information to for further investigation. It is likely that the scammer found employee mobile numbers posted publicly on the internet but the district will need to confirm that through an investigation.

Private information protected: The district takes action to protect the private information and electronic records of employees and no private information about employees was shared as a result of this scam.