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Prepare to change your employee password in March and April

(03/07/2024) Keeping data safe and protected is the driving factor behind having a secure network password. Last year, all Anoka-Hennepin employees changed their passwords to the new secure 16-minimum character standard.

With the new secure password standard in place, employees in the district only need to change their password annually. Starting in March, users will be prompted by their machines to change their password. Classified staff that never log into a machine will need to find a machine onsite to change their password and should do so at their earliest convenience.

Considerations: Employees are encouraged to consider changing their password before the deadline and at a time of day when they have access to technology support. Be sure to be connected to the Anoka-Hennepin network when you change your password.

Tips on how to create a strong passphrase: First, start with a long word or phrase. Try to pick something memorable to you personally, but does not include personal information. Your name is sensitive information, never include your name, address, ID number, or any details about your family or life in your passphrases.

Strong passphrase choices include:

  • Favorite sayings.
  • Funny phrases.
  • References to something you like but would be difficult for others to guess, even if they know you.

Next, add to your strong word or phrase. For example, Gold Crown. This can be made stronger by making it more complex: The Queen Wears a Gold Crown. This is still easy to remember, but harder to crack.

Your passphrase goal:

  • Create something long, memorable, and difficult to guess.
  • Be ready to change your password when promoted.

Once you change your password, you will be logged out of Google, iCloud, and Microsoft on all devices and you will need to log in again using your new passphrase. This is a Google 2-step verification requirement. Please be prepared with your phone or your preferred method of 2-step verification during the change.

Additional instructions on how to change your password.