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Suicide Prevention Training available in the district's learning management system

(03/10/2023) In August of 2016, MDE required 1 hour of Suicide Prevention Training for licensed staff. In an effort to support Anoka-Hennepin staff in this requirement for licensure, Anoka-Hennepin Schools has developed an online training for secondary and elementary staff. To maximize the district’s commitment to preventing suicide and supporting families and students, this same training is also offered and suggested for all employees.

What is involved in the training:

  • The online training program includes video overviews from district staff and an interactive training provided by Kognito, an interactive program offered at no cost through the State of Minnesota.
  • All instructions for completing the training are included with the training materials online.
  • A Powerpoint is available throughout the training program for consultation, follow up, and future reference.
  • The deadline to complete the training is May 1, 2023.

How do I access the training materials?:

  • Access district’s Learning Management System (LMS) via your ahconnect account to view the training program.
  • There are two versions of the training, one for elementary and one for secondary. Employees at those levels should take the appropriate training. Employees outside of these work areas are encouraged to complete either training program.
  • Contact 763-506-HELP (4357) or email for technical support for accessing materials in the LMS.

How long is the training? When can I take it?

  • It should take one hour complete.
  • Employees would should find time within their normal schedule to complete the training.

With the understanding that public health issues, like suicide awareness and prevention, benefit from a community wide approach. Anoka-Hennepin employees can reinforce that suicide is preventable. Together, we can increase awareness, identify risk factors early, and provide collaborative support. When a student is struggling with their mental health, there is hope and help.

Reference the state statute: 122A.187 Subd. 6.