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Assessment Results

Dayton students surpassed our targeted goals for reading and science on the 2016 spring MCA tests administered to all third, fourth and fifth graders. The percentage of Dayton students with proficient scores, meeting state standards, has steadily increased in reading from 59.9% in 2013; 66.7 % in 2014; 70.2% in 2015; and now 73.5% in 2016.  Science scores really jumped!  65.5% of fifth graders were proficient in 2015, increasing to 79.3% of fifth graders in 2016.  In math, Dayton continues to maintain a high proficiency rate in 2016 of 80.7% of students, well above the district average of 74.1%. This was a slight decrease from a very strong 2015 year at 82.8% proficiency.

    This is the last year of the state’s accountability system called the Multiple Measurements Rating, (MMR).  A new accountability system called Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will apply to the 2017 MCA results.  Dayton’s MMR rating, based on 2016 MCA results was 69%.  This is not simply proficiency, but a calculation that also adds two other additional equally weighted factors of growth and achievement gap reduction for elementary schools.  Our students had higher growth scores than predicted, mixed results for different subgroups of students for proficiency, and good performance especially in reading to reduce our achievement gap.  We also celebrated last May when 24 of our English Language Learners passed state language tests and were able to exit from ELL services.


Joan Iserman, Principal, has greater detail and data related to the MMR analysis of Dayton’s state assessments and is willing to answer questions you may have.