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Student Transportation proposals approved for 2023-24

(07/14/2023) As part of an annual transportation review process and in response to attendance area changes approved last fall, the School Board approved an area of the new CBPA attendance area that does not qualify for student transportation in accordance with School Board policy. 

View the map that describes the non-transported area: (link) Note, this non-transported zone is identical to the areas for Jackson Middle School and Champlin Park High School. 

Parents/guardians of students who may be directly impacted by these proposals were contacted for feedback and input into the process prior to a final decision. State law requires school districts to provide transportation to students who reside two miles or further from school. Anoka-Hennepin provides transportation service for students who reside one mile or further from school, and in their assigned attendance area. Families who reside within the one-mile area are in a non-transported area, unless determined by the district to face extraordinary traffic hazards whereas the district will determine if providing an adult crossing guard or a bus is necessary.  

Anoka-Hennepin Transportation policies
View the July 10 School Board Meeting presentation