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Students start off a ‘good year’ cleaning up the Rum River

Students help clean up Rum River of dumped tires(09/20/2023) Students at Andover and Blaine high schools recently teamed up to help a community in need. After learning used car tires were being illegally dumped in the Rum River, students from both schools developed a plan to clean up the mess. 

Bob Ameli, environmental science teacher at Andover High School, and Larry Osmek, science teacher at Blaine High School, enlisted over 60 students to help clean up the area and properly dispose of the tires. View photos of students cleaning up the Rum River.

After scouting the area this summer, Ameli figured there were around 75 tires needing to be removed, but once they got to work, they learned it was so much more. 

“All totaled, we removed well over 200 tires from the river using canoes and a lot of determination,” Ameli said. “The students were very enthusiastic about making such a tangible difference.”

To celebrate the successful mission, students enjoyed a two-hour float on the river in canoes and kayaks before roasting hot dogs over a fire at Rum River Central Regional Park. 

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