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Students and staff explore all areas of the arts at Lincoln Elementary Arts Jam

boy using glue on paper(11/30/2022) The classrooms and hallways at Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts were buzzing with a higher level of excitement on Nov. 22 due to the Lincoln Arts Jam, an all-school event that provides students the opportunity to engage in a variety of arts activities. 

The school integrates and infuses the arts into everyday learning, but the Arts Jam allowed students to participate in four focused sessions where they could explore multiple areas of the arts, which included dance, visual art, music, technical arts, literary arts and theatre. The activities provided the students an opportunity to dive deeper into something they were interested in or try something new. View photos from the Lincoln Arts Jam.

“The impact the arts have on the students is huge,” said Andrea Whitcomb, curriculum integrator at Lincoln. “We know that kids learn through the arts, movement, exploration, creativity, and they really want to play. We are able to bring that to them today.”

The Lincoln Arts Jam was a full school effort with classroom teachers, English language staff, special education teachers and specialists coming up with engaging activities. In addition to the fun, it also provided staff a chance to develop their skills and share their passions. One staff member taught about digital photography because it was an interest she had. Additionally, a fifth grade teacher taught younger students about the Wake Up Call experience, which is the school’s daily student video announcements. 

“For some staff members it was easy to find something to teach, but for others it took more time,” Whitcomb said. “While this day is about teaching, it’s also an opportunity to show how to create something and how to teach the art of creation to others. Hopefully they become more confident integrating these activities into their classroom.”

Students submitted a ranking of their top six choices of which activities they wanted to participate in. Fifteen different opportunities were available for kindergarten-second graders and 11 classes were offered to third-fifth graders. Some of the activities included origami, theatre games, bracelet making, group dancing, drum circle, painting projects, crayon shaving and more. 

Whitcomb said she plans to continue the Lincoln Arts Jam every trimester. Previously the event was only for third-fifth graders, but the school decided to open the opportunity for all, which created a lot of additional smiles before the holiday break.

“Their eyes are bright and excited,” Whitcomb said. “They feel pride in what they are doing. To re-spark student interest in learning is extremely important.”