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Colors collide and talents thrive at the Lincoln Elementary Arts Jam

(11/29/2023) The Arts Jam at Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts allows both students and staff the opportunity to showcase their artistic exploration and diverse talents. On Nov. 21, the first Arts Jam of the year had the school fully immersed in all areas of the arts.

The school integrates and infuses the arts into everyday learning, but the Arts Jam allows students to participate in four focused sessions where they can explore multiple areas of the arts, which include visual art, music, technical arts, literary arts and theatre. The activities allow students to try something new or gain a deeper appreciation for a specific area of the arts. View photos from the Lincoln Arts Jam.

What they’re saying: Fifth grader Norah DeBiaso said, “We normally get to do a lot of arts, but today, we get to have a day focusing on just what our school is meant for.”

Hear from more students and see what the Arts Jam provides students.

A specialty school: Lincoln Elementary School for the Arts uses district established curriculum to teach reading, math, science, writing, social studies and health, but within that common curriculum, Lincoln teachers weave in artful strategies and projects to engage, deepen and strengthen student learning.